Dr Yogesh K Sinha


Dr Yogesh Kumar Sinha




With more than two decades of teaching experience, Dr. Yogesh Sinha has taught as Professor and Associate Professor in the English departments of universities in Oman, Yemen, Ethiopia, and India. Presently teaching at Sohar University for more than a decade, he is also the Co-Chair of Higher Education Interest Section, TESOL International Association, USA. Dr. Yogesh has supervised more than 25 research scholars’ PhD. & MPhil theses.

He has a significant number of publications and has actively participated and presented papers in numerous TESOL Conventions in the USA and other international conferences in UK, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Greece, and elsewhere. He recently completed a TRC-funded research project (ORG/EHR/12/006) on Post Enrolment Language Assessment (PELA) in Oman. His research areas include Applied Linguistics, Literary Theory and Criticism, Communication Studies, TESOL, ELT and Quality Assurance.