Submissions / Call for Papers

IEEDC 2017 Call for Papers

We invite all interested researchers, academics, and experts in the field of Entrepreneurship and Business Management, and particularly encourage those related to the conference theme, “Extending Entrepreneurship Research in New Directions: De-mystifying the Generation Z Entrepreneurs and their Probable Impact on Emerging Economies.” The vision for the conference is to advance knowledge about “Generation Z”, the generation born after the millennial that is emerging as the next phenomenon for market researchers, cultural observers, and trend forecasters.

The 1st IEEDC is being organised in collaboration with the Department of Entrepreneurship and Business Management of the Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT), and the Southern African Journal of Entrepreneurship and Business Management. We invite all interested researchers, academics and experts in the field of Entrepreneurship and Business Management to submit Abstracts (maximum 400 words). The conference will consider working papers, research papers and poster on any of the following tracks:

Research tracks include:

  • The nature of Gen Z, including its stereotypes, spatial dynamics and their gendered effects
  • The changing configuration of state-market-civil society relations, including diverse forms of governance, regulation, resistance, and social welfare
  • Different forms and disruptive influences of Gen Z including global civil society, social movements, migration, and climate change
  • Global value chains and production networks, industrial clusters and other organizational forms with new implications for economic, social, and environmental upgrading in the new era of Gen Z
  • How socio-economic institutions and global political economy shapes, and is shaped by Gen Z
  • Industrial structure, nature of competition and performance within and across national/regional economies in the new era of Gen Z
  • Strategic implications for the informal sector in the digital era of Gen Z
  • Gen Z and the implications for HR, marketing and brand positioning
  • The forms, processes and consequences of financialization in the new era of Gen Z
  • Media, Design and Architecture for Gen Z
  • Building an Entrepreneurial Engineering Ecosystem for Future Generations
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation in a Socialist Market Economy
  • The Their Emerging Enterprises of Gen Z
  • Looking to the Future and Marketing to Gen Z
  • The Next Great Entrepreneurship Leaders
  • Why Generation Z Could Completely Disrupt Your Business
  • Marketing to both millennials and Generation Z
  • Rethinking Entrepreneurship
    • Defining characteristics of Gen Z’s.
    • Creating retail strategies for Gen Z.
    • The impact Order Management System on retail in the era of Gen Z.
    • Gen Z: Pragmatic & Entrepreneurial

Completed research papers are full-length papers documenting the results of finished research projects. Accepted completed research papers will be presented at IEEDC 2017, and published in the conference proceedings.

Short paper submissions are also encouraged. Short papers build on promising but incomplete research projects that will benefit from the feedback of other IEEDC participants. Accepted short papers will be presented in a slam session, followed by a poster session at IEEDC 2017. They are published in the conference proceedings.

Panel proposals should be submitted to the Panels track. All panel proposers should submit abstracts along with the names of their panelists.

Teaching cases should be submitted to the Entrepreneurship Curriculum and Education track.

Submissions to IEEDC 2017 must be original; submissions cannot have been published or accepted in a journal or conference proceedings, nor presented at another conference. Further, submissions must not be concurrently under consideration for publication or presentation elsewhere.

Important Annotated Time Frames:

Call for Abstracts 1st March 2017
Abstract submission deadline 30th  April 2017
Notification of acceptance 31st  May 2017
Submission of full papers 31st  July 2017
Final edits 31st  August 2017
Conference registration opens 1st  September 2017
Submission of revised manuscript 30th September 2017
Closing date for flight bookings 1st November 2017
Conference 16 – 18 November 2017